The Hammer Everyone Overlooked in Super Mario RPG

The Hammer Everyone Overlooked in Super Mario RPG

[Bowyer arrow noises] Super Mario RPG is not a game known for its
robust amount of options. Your characters gain a limited set of equipment
throughout the game, a small set of abilities, and the level system caps out at level 30. It’s a pretty simple RPG but it obviously
left a huge mark on all of us. The forest maze is a place I will never forget
and the song has forever been ingrained in my head. Super Mario RPG paved the way for tons of
future Mario-related RPG titles to follow it. But the one thing that was always notable
to me about Super Mario RPG was that I always felt like I had found everything it had to
offer as a kid. When I played through it a few times I felt
like I did a great job exploring the game completely and stumbling upon every secret
it contained. But that wasn’t exactly true… Because revisiting it years later, especially
for the lowest coin count challenge video that I released a few months ago – which
if you haven’t watched that yet, I highly recommend checking it out. Anyways, revisiting it made me realize how
much I actually missed. And one item in particular was one I would
have never even given a chance because it’s appearance was extremely misleading… And that, is a simple hammer. Now in Super Mario RPG we of course get a
hammer right at the start of the game. It’s our first weapon outside of our deadly
fisticuffs. After defeating the hammer bros we pluck it
from their corpse and crush many skulls going forward. But this act is actually what sets up a weird
occurrence later on in the game. Because as many players know, throughout the
game we continually get more and more weapons for each player. Once a new and more powerful weapon has been
obtained, it honestly doesn’t make sense at all to hold onto the old ones. Mind you we can never get them back… But there’s also no true reason to equip them
again. Mario goes through shells, gloves, and other
hammers throughout the game and as we progress, we shed the ones we come across before. Majority of this equipment is free too. We can find weapons like the nok nok shell
and masher for free within levels. So we head into a shop and discard our old
gear. But that concept of purging old gear and remembering
what we once had is what sets the stage for the bizarre reappearance of our first weapon. Upon clearing seaside town we are given new
equipment to purchase. Due to the nature of the town I really wasn’t
trustworthy of anyone here even after the area was cleared. So when stocking up on new equipment, I just
did what every other kid did. Scroll through the items that had new names
and see if it increased my stats. If it did, I bought the item and moved on. Unfortunately you couldn’t check in the
shop itself to see what the stats were, but you could reload after buying if it was a
bad purchase. At this point in the game we probably already
had the Masher for Mario which boosts his attack power by plus 50. If we did not grab the Masher in Booster’s
Tower, we probably will just grab the Troopa Shell in the shop for 90 coins. We notice a hammer is in the shop, but we
don’t even scroll down to it because it’s at the bottom of the menu. Even if we did, that hammer is overpriced
(which is fitting for Seaside town) but also incredibly weak compared to whatever equipment
we have. In our brain as a kid – we registered this
hammer as just a normal hammer. This shop is literally full of all sorts of
old gear that doesn’t make sense to buy again. It’s kind of annoying though because we
recognize the names, but there is no way to actually check equipment stats while in the
shop. As we look at the selection, it’s very clear
that most of this is just recycled gear that we’d never truly want to use again. But that’s what sets up the illusion. As for that hammer… I don’t think I even scrolled down to it because
I still had my old hammer in my inventory – and in future playthroughs, I sold my
hammer but knew how weak it was already. But this hammer in the shop is different despite
having the same name. It has the ability to grant you a Lucky in
a battle just for successfully hitting a timed attack. Although resources online state that it has
an attack power of 20, 10 more than the actual hammer we get at the start of the game, the
truth is the true attack power of this hammer is zero. It doesn’t increase your attack at all. But that doesn’t mean this isn’t a ridiculous
item. With Lucky bonuses and a keen eye, you can
almost always double your winnings in every fight – from total EXP to Coins. If you wanted to power level or farm coins,
this hammer is the way to go. Honestly, this item is so incredibly useful
but the way it is framed made majority of players overlook it. And unless you frame the perspective of this
concept from the eyes of a child, you might be thinking this video is pointless. Context and perspective is pretty much everything. The description for the item says “a lucky
hammer” and nothing else. But if you sold your previous hammer, you
wouldn’t have your old item’s description to compare it to. For all you knew, this was the same item and
it was just overpriced in the shop as a joke. You assumed it was your old gear and you moved
on without buying it. I know I did… And it blew my mind years later when I encountered
it again and actually had the tools to look up what it actually was. It was the perfect hidden item from a developer
point of view because it was thrown in amongst tons of items we had already discarded on
our journey. It didn’t stick out from the crowd because
of that. And… I didn’t have a computer back in 96 or strategy
guides, so like lots of other kids, this weapon was simply overlooked. But what about you? Did you know about this? Whether you did or didn’t, I’d love to know. You can actually vote by clicking the I icon
at the top of the video and casting your vote. I’m curious to see the results! And with that… Thanks for watching guys and gals. And until my next video, cheers!

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  1. Anyone ever wonder what it would be like if we got an official SMRPG2? I wish we'd get it now lol. Or a remake of the original like they've been doing with every other classic lately

  2. Sadly I have not gotten to experience anything from Mario RPG cuz I can't find a copy of it anywhere, I'm really hoping that the Super Nintendo stuff on the switch eventually updates to include Super Mario RPG.
    not to mention I think the chords for my Super Nintendo got chewed in half by puppies like years ago

  3. I think I learned about it just a few years after it's release. I never thought it was worth it, and I still don't. No damage, plus you might miss and get no experience or coins at all. The level cap is only 30 anyway, and it's easy enough to reach if you really want to. However, it's a must have for low level runs.

  4. I learned about it a month ago thanks to the randomizer. Got a hammer with decent stats on it that kept giving me lucky. Thought it was a custom effect due to the randomizer.

  5. I had no idea about this! My thoughts were exactly as you laid out in the video. I assumed it was the hammer you first acquired and thought nothing more of it!

  6. Who else is super stubborn about selling original equipment off?

    Lots of games don't give you a way to get that stuff again.

  7. I knew about the hammer; the description made me buy it. I thought the "LUCKY!" after every hit was annoying (I sucked at the LUCKY! minigame anyway), and I would sell it soon after. Being a bit of a hoarder in real life and in videogames, I would never get rid of items unless I knew I could get them back somehow… so I ALREADY had the original Hammer in my inventory when I first bought it.

  8. Hammer still sucks. You'll naturally reach max exp by the end of the game, and you will rarely ever need more money than what you have.

  9. I had the official strategy guide and I didn't know this. This is the first new thing I've learned about my favorite game of all time in I don't know how long, years.

    Very cool, thanks for the vid

  10. Geeze this game came out when I was in 5th grade and I'm just now learning about the Lucky Hammer. I had that black and white unofficial strategy guide and I don't think it mentioned this.

  11. Lucky doesn’t help you acquire more exp/ coin because, statistically speaking, the expectation value of the set up is just what you get if you don’t take the option… in other words: taking the option AVERAGES OUT to be identical payouts to not taking it. Oh stat, how no one appreciates you…

  12. I was going to mention buying the lucky hammer to get less coins, but some quick math showed it would cost more coins that using the lucky jewel.

  13. So really it's a tradeoff; you could get Lucky every fight, but yet fights take much longer to clear because Mario (your main damage-dealing character) is a wimp using this weapon. The further in the game you get, the more likely it is that you are better off simply using a more powerful weapon so you can clear battles faster, unless you're going to find someplace you can rest quickly and use spells instead or something. Early game, though, when it's not such a big deal, you could boost yourself some XP and have a slightly higher level because of it, I suppose.

  14. I knew about it and as a kid I assumed it was different because the item description is different than the Hammer Bros. "Hammer". So, I found out on my own what it did and in later plays never bothered with it. I like your video and how you laid it out how this could easily be overlooked, but I sure wouldn't waste my time using it to grind EXP and coins. Coins are easy enough to come by and its easier and faster to just buy the Exp. Booster while in Seaside.

  15. Are you kidding me? I got that hammer back in the day trying to figure out why it was there and if it helped with anything. Several battles and not a single lucky. I now call it the troll hammer due to it trolling me.

  16. I currently play it and casually I'm coming to a monstrous town, I will be very useful against culex, thanks ^^

    pd. When I cross the town, I noticed that same hammer repeated in my inventory but I didn't check the description of lucky hammer xDD

  17. I've beaten smrpg at least a dozen times and never knew about this hammer. This is an obscurity meant to get you to buy the guide. Just like the lazy shells. Or like the hidden whistles in Super Mario Bros 3 that can take you from world 1 to 9 immediately. Get two whistles and use the second one while still in the world selection map. Bam, immediately in world nine. Nintendo power, It was like dlc before the internet.

  18. I knew about it. Got it on first playthough. Just read the description. It tells you it's a lucky hammer. But the lucky jewel was better since anyone could use it.

  19. unless theres another weapon which guarantees a lucky i think I've used the hammer before, because i remeber a playthru where i used such an item, i also noticed the game got significantly more difficult, presumably because of the +0 attack

  20. I wonder if this hammer has a different name in the Japanese version, making this a translation goof rather than an easter egg to reward attentive players.
    Unfortunately, the Mario Wiki doesn't say either way.

  21. I can't remember why I noticed it, but I know I bought the Hammer as a kid. And I hated it, because between the damage decrease and the Lucky game itself I felt like the Lucky Hammer bogged down the game. So I ignored it on subsequent runs.

    I did, however, hoard every Mushroom I could find to turn them in for potential Rock Candies in that same town!

  22. Hello, you broke my brain. I, too, have played this game up, down, and backwards, and I never even tried to buy this hammer. Ever.

  23. Yeah, this is about as secret as Smithy being the final boss. I literally discovered this on my first playthrough. Of course, I was 8 and perfectly capable of reading, so…

  24. Using it was never really worth it though. You could get the booster badge or the coin badge using frog coins, go into Johnny's Ship all the way to the puzzles where the wizard that sells items in the same room as the dry bones, and fight the dry bones which drops lucky. Every time you need to refill PP, there's a puzzle that gives a mushroom every time you go into it.

  25. I actually found this out on my own because I took it upon myself to collect every unique item while playing through the game. Sadly, there isn't enough inventory space to collect one of every item in the game, so I had to settle for the next best thing and to my surprise, I found out that the hammer from the beginning of the game was one of a kind even though there was a purchasable item with the same name.

  26. 24 years later, this game has enough content to still blow my mind! I had no idea about this item… and I thought I was a completionist… silly me!

  27. Nice, now I have something to look out for on my next play through. I always thought we should get a sequel set in the Smash universe. Now that SE and nintendo seem to be playing nice again, I’m holding out hope.

  28. Lol I did a 100% shop playthrough in 2004 when I found a copy of this game again and figured tjat was knowledge I missed in the 90's. Kudos for spreading your discovery!

  29. I knew about it as a kid because I was obsessed with collecting all the equipment in the game, I bought it because it had a different description than the original hammer.

  30. I knew but I couldn't time stuff I got a lucky about 1/5 of the time I hit a timed anyway but I hit 3 luckys with it then asked my dad if it was good he said no so I trashed it

  31. I saw it in the strategy guide after I beat the game. Back then I liked to look at strategy guides after I beat them game. Sort of like today where I won’t see a let’s play till I’ve beat the game.

  32. I knew about it from the player's guide, but I almost never thought it was worth bothering with. I felt I lost as much as I gained from playing the bonus game so that it didn't increase my average gain. The only reason I'd buy one is for the absolute minimum experience run.

  33. Amusingly, I actually had the strategy guide and I never looked close enough to care about it ^^;

    The Lazy Shell was so OP, after all…

  34. I may be thinking this video is pointless. Basically: kids suck at RPGs and snes RPGs are sometimes poorly or cryptically designed. Revolutionary.

  35. I knew about it as a kid and bought it. I preferred other weapons but yeah I made sure I 100% the game and I explored a lot.

  36. This is literally my favorite game of all time. I grew up with this game. I got that lucky hammer when I was a kid and I knew what it did but I never used it cause it was weak.

  37. you mentioned having "a keen eye" to get the lucky bonus, but fyi, the lucky egg game is completely random (and is the main reason the low-level run takes an eternity)

  38. I'm really surprised that some people never knew about this, I mean it literally says "a lucky hammer" and it cost 123 coins, that's a red flag right there that this is something unique, why wouldn't you at least try it out? But I'm also a bit of a completionist so I always check stuff like that whereas some others wouldn't

  39. You should've used the music for Seaside Town for this video. I feel like it's often overlooked among the many other music themes in the game even though it's one of my favourites.

  40. I knew about this but I found the item pointless… basically it was created to help you get to the level you should be at by that point in the game in my opinion.

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