Removing Seized Rusted Screws With A  Craftsman Hand Impact Tool

Removing Seized Rusted Screws With A Craftsman Hand Impact Tool

All righty guys welcome back to the shop today Today we have a new tool. This is a hand impact tool that my father-in-law Was so kind to loan me I’m hoping that this is going to be the ticket to get these stubborn screws out on this bench vise that I’m going through right now It is a old craftsman model you can’t get this particular item number anymore Nine, four seven, six three four, you might be able to find it used on eBay as you can see. It’s an antique made in the USA You can tighten or loosen Your hardware with it. I don’t know why you’d want to tighten something with it, but it’s probably for reverse-thread application 1/2 inch drive comes with a couple of these Extra bits. I don’t know if this came with originally or if my father-in-law is just collected these over time half to 3/8 This is a little This holds all your different bits, we’ve got a big flat head here Phillips Another torque another flat head So today we are going to try to get this rusty screw out of this vise So let’s go ahead and hook it up and give it a try This one comes out, okay This guy right here though, this guy here is a real bugger No Often times you’re tempted to take an impact and Use this in a situation like this, but if you’re not careful It’ll cam out and it’ll really bugger that screw-up so My father-in-law loaned me that tool we’re gonna give that a shot. Some of you may be wondering why it says tighten or loosen When you’re pulling back on this collar and Get that on there Basically you’re pushing in and you’re turning this And it changes the orientation of when you hit this with a hammer if it’s gonna go counterclockwise or if you switch it and now it goes Clockwise Now what’s going clockwise as if it we’re tightening You probably wouldn’t use one of these to tighten However, if you had a reverse thread screw that might be an occasion where you would want that I can’t think of really any situations where I would want to use this tool to Tighten something in but you might you just pull back on the collar and you give this a twist and It will change the direction of The impact pull it back twist, it pull it back twist it and that changes the orientation and what the secret is to is when you have this on your Screw you just want to put it in this screw the stubborn screw just apply gentle pressure and not a lot just enough to keep the tool in place and Turn in the direction that you’re trying that you’re going to remove the screw if it’s a regular screw You’re going to be turning this gently counterclockwise, just so it takes up the slack In the tool and then when you hit it with a hammer, it’ll start jarring that back We’ve got our tool we’re going to stick our bit on there. I’ve got it set in the direction that we want it to go Like I said, you just got to play with it twist it this way in that way until you get the setting right you’ll know because when you go to push it in, It’ll turn in the direction that you want it to go as you can see that it’s doing there So we’re going to apply this We’re gonna put that right there Now what you do is when you get this In the spot you want turn it gently To get that slack out And I’m just applying gentle pressure into the screw not a whole lot just gentle pressure and I’m giving it gentle counterclockwise And now I’m going to hit this bugger with a hammer and we’re gonna see what happens Look look look look look look. Oh Yeah, see she’s coming out That rusty little devil she’s coming out We hit it with Heat. We hit it with penetrating oil. We hit it with freeze off. None of those worked But who knows how long this has been in my father-in-law’s toolbox this tool? And it did the job. How cool is that? All right guys, if you don’t have one of these in your toolbox, I recommend you get one for getting those stubborn screws out We applied heat today. We applied cold today. We applied penetrating oil today those three things Didn’t work but this hand impact tool we prevailed with it. So if you don’t have one of these get one, I’ll put some links Down below in the description. They are affiliate links. They don’t cost you anything extra, but it does help support the channel I’m going to maybe review one or two of them. If I don’t just buy one of these used off of ebay They don’t sell this one anymore. They have a newer model, but It’s kind of hard to get getting ahold of some of those Craftsman Sears products nowadays But with that being said, I’ll put a description down below for the vise rebuild. I’m doing as well We’re trying to reach a thousand subscribers right now So if you’d like to help us out with that and you’re into this kind of shop tool carpentry and metalworking Consider subscribing you can do that right here as well as you can check out our last video right here And we’ll see you on the next one

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  1. Awesome opening Will. It was almost like you were channeling Bruce Campbell. Great video production all around and a very useful tool to have in a man's toolbox.

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