Knife Making: How to Make a Hunting Knife – To Make a Hunting Knife from a SAW

Knife Making: How to Make a Hunting Knife – To Make a Hunting Knife from a SAW

Hello We’il make a hunting knife from a saw. we draw our hunting knife we start cutting with spiral cutter subscribe to support my channel the blade body becomes prominent straighten the blade body surface I use sanding tanks for this process we achieve a clean surface drill holes for the handle 2 and 3 I used the mechanism I made myself for the blade whic can give different angles to get better results I can get a symmetrical result by doing the same procedure to both sides of the blade You can see the result we do the same to the other side The mechanism that I made at a cost of about $ 5 allows me to get precise results I want to make a small touch on the back of the knife I’m doing the same thing again on the other side The final shape of the hunting knife appears How the final shape of the knife should be, I decide while I make the knife. this allows me to get unique designs. I smooth the surface with different abrasives this requires patience I preferred hornbeam for the handle I will make a rustic chandelier project which you will see in the up coming days, The materials I used for this knife are the leftovers from that chandelier project. we draw according to the blade barrel and cut with a band saw we drill pin holes I prepare epoxy adhesive for gluing the knife handle this is a good adhesive and sealant by fixing with small clamps it is necessary to remove excess before the epoxy dries I will try to catch the form I want with sanding tank again 240 sandpaper did not give the result I want It will be easier with a 80 sandpaper yes, now it is more beautiful like i said, i like to finalize the project during working on it Shape that I believe will be beautiful began to form in my mind Let’s see what we can do I make the final touches precisely with sandpaper to have a naturel polished and colored wood handle, I will immediately wipe with paper towel I hope you watched this work with pleasure on the last day of 2019. Wishing that the New Year brings health, happiness and success to all of us

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