Knife Making Disc Grinder

Knife Making Disc Grinder

Tools for making knives and in this video, we’re going to cover the Nelson disc hub. Tools for making Knives – Nielsen Design Disc Grinder So this hub is very lightweight it’s all aluminium and see it does have earth magnets in the back And all you do is you put it on the on the drive shaft of your motor This is a one horsepower Baldor motor and you just put your little key way in And you want to put this hub on Just very simply it sets on your motors shaft on the keyway. You want to put your little key-way in there. Then there’s an Allen set screw Take this little allen set screw. It’s a 1/8 inch driver. I would recommend a longneck driver To lock the hub onto the key way. You don’t have to use lock tight. I ran mine for about, three years before I decided to make this video and tell about the hub This is the back of the hub For Nelson’s disc grinder and I love this thing. It speeds me up making knives And now I’ll show you why I absolutely love this hub and this system it is a time saver for me. Rob has two types of hubs One type is completely flat The other type is beveled this is one of the beveled ones and I think it has a 1 degree taper From the outside of the disc to the inside. So if you’re doing a very long fixed blade You would want to grind in the middle. I don’t make long fixed blades and I really honestly never use this beveled hub I use the flat disc. but what you do is you would adhesive your sandpaper to the disc. Sandpaper to the disc Very simply this is a flat disc that I got from Rod Nelson What I’m going to do now is I’m just gonna clean it with the acetone and a razor blade. Razor blade and get this thing completely clean to put some new peel and stick adhesive on here. Then very rapidly you could change these out. The hub’s are made of steel so they have to be maintained from rust. This aluminum hub has the earth magnets in the back of it. Very quickly, you can change your grits of sandpaper So here for example is 120 grit This is a 320 grit Just that fast I’ve changed my sand papers. With the system and with multiple steel discs, you could very quickly work yourself through the grits Originally, I was leery of this system I said… Oh You know what the Earth’s magnets will collect shavings and it’ll just make a problem, but honestly, it doesn’t Granted I do not use like 1095 steel. I use premier or stainless steels stainless tool steels like Carpenters. XHP Crucibles s35vn but I have had any issues at the shavings Building up on this at all and the great thing about this so to even work with your table So the great thing about this system is it’ll even work with your table Just as a side note when you do put your table in here use a dial indicator To move your motor mounts to dial indicate the face of this that way it’s true. Just so you know But that system is great. It does work with your table in place So say for example, you used to have to clean this with the razor blade and acetone you swap this out you ground your stuff. I use this this is just an eraser. I got this from Harbor Freight. It is a belt sanding eraser; I use that to stop it. Very quickly you can change grits. Originally I thought oh my gosh, you have to clean… All these hubs all these discs hubs. It’s a lot of work actually. No, it’s not the paper lasts a long time They’re very fast to clean and this is a time saver compared to my old disc sander. Disc sander I just had a single one and it had to… Scrape it with the razor blade in the acetone to get the face clean before so it could change the papers The system is a lot faster And I’ve had no issues at all again with the earth magnets Holding steel to this, you know, if you’re grinding all titanium liners and handles then you definitely will not have a problem I’ve never had a problem, but I only use stainless steels. Again I’ve never used like 1095 or anything like that and they’re very easy to maintain. It’s a great system I love it And on a final note don’t ever wear a glove when you’re using one of your discs sanders. With these things, you don’t want to wear gloves. So I always machine my blades on Monday and then I while I’m standing out the bevels with the EDM stones The Haas is working making other parts for the knife Typically handles and right now it’s machining pocket clips for me while the Haas is machining pocket clips I’m sanding the bevels out with EDM stones The Nelson hub and his disc is a great time-saver. It’s really critical as a one-man shop To save as much time as you can Anywhere you can making your knives Please subscribe if you’re in a knife making new videos come out on Wednesday Thanks for watching An American Knife Maker GILLIANKNIVES.COM

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  1. When I first saw this system about 5 years ago I knew I had to have one. Saw the price and just couldn't justify it so I made my own. 4 flat discs from 1/8" plate, and 2 beveled from 1/4" cost about $8 at the scrap yard. A $35 2" thick slab of 8" round. $12 worth of magnets. About 4 hours total on a manual lathe and mill. Probably saved close to 4 bills, and my discs all spin within .002" at the outer edge of their faces because I was able to machine them using nothing but the magnets and light cuts.

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