How to Connect an HP Bluetooth Device to Your Computer or Tablet | HP Bluetooth Devices | HP

How to Connect an HP Bluetooth Device to Your Computer or Tablet | HP Bluetooth Devices | HP

This video shows how to connect an HP Bluetooth
device to your computer or tablet. Bluetooth technology allows you to connect
devices such as keyboards, mice, and speakers, over a wireless network connection. Many HP computers come with Bluetooth built
in, but some may require an external USB Bluetooth network adapter, called a dongle. Plug in the dongle to a USB port and the drivers
should install automatically. For this video, we’ll use an HP Bluetooth
mouse to demonstrate connecting a Bluetooth device to various operating systems. To connect your device with a Windows 7 computer,
open the Control Panel and select Add a Device. Make sure the device is turned on, and then
press Connect if needed. Select the device from the list of found devices
to finish pairing. To connect your Bluetooth device with a Windows
8 computer, type Bluetooth and then select Bluetooth settings. Turn on the device, and then press the Connect
button. When the device appears, select Pair to connect. If you are using Android, open the Settings
menu and make sure Bluetooth is turned on. Turn on the device, and press Connect. The device should now appear in the available
devices list. Select the device to pair it with your Android
device. To connect to a Mac, click the Bluetooth icon
in the toolbar, and then click Set Up Bluetooth Device. Turn on the device, and then press Connect. The device should appear in the list of Bluetooth
devices. Make sure the device is selected, and then
select Continue to finish connecting. You can find additional helpful videos at and on our YouTube channel,

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  1. I have an hp mini laptop windows 7 that I paired with a Bluetooth Audio Receiver/NFC. It shows a solid connection and turned on, but no sound. I have the bluetooth device hooked up to my home amplifier. I also have the device paired with my Iphone that is working just fine. Any suggestions? Would adding a dongle make a difference?

  2. I am using a wireless mobile mouse 3500 on a inspiration one computer windows 7 and my computer can't find the device can I have some help please?

  3. Is it possible to connect HP G62-415NR Notebook PC/ window 10 to a blue tooth receiver? not sure if it has a built in bluetooth… Thanks for all your help!!!

  4. I have a hp wireless mouse ×4000 but my problem I lost the usb of the mouse can I connect the mouse to my pc by Bluetooth and if I can may you say to me how

  5. so this only works on hp computers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. how to connect to android if the device doesn't have USB port ? mouse model rm809a

  7. My keyboard and mouse are wireless with no USB or a connect button. I have put batteries in them, trying to connect them to my computer it's not working. I don't know if they are Bluetooth devices or not. Is there a way I can connect my keyboard and mouse to my computer?

  8. I have a S6500 HP speaker, I can't get this speaker to work NO matter what I do! Is there a dongle that comes with this speaker? if so…I didn't get one!

  9. Hello, I have a x4500 mouse and I have lost the USB dongle. So I tried the in built connect system. It doesn't seem to work. The blue light flashes but I cant find it on my windows 10 laptop in the connected devices settings.

  10. Hi I have a question, In android device we need plug in the small usb network adaptor in our android using OTG?

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