Hammer Only Challenge – Titanium Level 15! – Clone Drone in the Danger Zone Alpha Gameplay

Hammer Only Challenge – Titanium Level 15! – Clone Drone in the Danger Zone Alpha Gameplay

Hey your buddy on Blitz welcome back to clone drone in the Danger Zone today (yes no kidding) We are playing the new update zero five one and we are got green night steam greenlight process going on So if you want to go vote up the game help out on steam We’ll have a link [down] below in the video description click on it and away you go Helps the game get on scene would be really cool. [I] always like it when these internet I/o games actually do make a distinct us They’re really good games But today, we’re going to be doing the hammer only challenge where we’re only going to use the hammer and do the best we can we’re also going to use defensive skills like kick and Block arrows stuff like that, so my goal is to get the hammer right away. Oh first officers to kill these guys on the spikes As soon as when you get to it the hammer we are going to see died we’re going to get Probably the block arrows because we can block arrows with the sword and then we will get a clone And then we’re to finish out the hammer mode And we are purple which is kind of unfortunate [anyway] a have a time We’re going to get our hammer attached to our head, and then we get a brand new Spankin Purple hammer. I love it I love those little hammer it is so much fun. Oh nice another one with spikes I like the spiky ones because there is so much easier I just stand over here [and] the dudes like failures [see] a big dinosaur guy And we can just run the urge that’s not a [success] make sense robots guy and he just runs over [it] and they all die and Fantastic super easy easy peasy lemon squeezy and I’ll stand right here, and he’ll run around in circles And then you’re gonna mist and then I’ll just go back wow that was not what I wanted to do Hello there. He is hey. Ya know I [missed] Ya there [yes] knock back third Nope night high 30. So how did you not die an out there you go? He’s down now excellent Blowing and down I go to get arrow block okay. Let’s get the block arrows now This is a defensive thing so it is something that I’m limiting myself to I don’t want to use the sword to [slash] I’m really going to use it to block the arrows I can also block the arrows into other people or other robots if I want It doesn’t look like we it was kind of a wasted upgrade [right] now could have got the bigger hammer But might be [alright], [ah] nope nope nope nope [I] don’t like that the hammer hits walls either But that’s okay who unites so he didn’t die everyone starting to get smashed and stuff. [oh], yeah [oh], I hit the back one. I don’t want [the] back when I wanted the front one, [and] he didn’t die. What happened to him Watch [ah] [whoa]. I’m dead. I’m dead well fantastic maybe we’re pink no ah I was hoping we get a blue one [a] red one. It’s just pink and purple and girly colors today It’s okay if you like those colors we’re just going to start over because I’m two minutes in and now we have a good update and you guys know what’s happening and We got really easy begin this mode wow I? Know I was hoping to do a lot better net, but we’ll see we do have to buy all of our upgrades again Unfortunately [it] will take two or fortunately it won’t take too long so hammer. We do have the hammer I can smash these guys straight in the face like that. Did he die I see it I see robots lotion We’re gonna try this guy out then. Oh I hate these archers man. I hate the archers He didn’t die the first cut in oh I took both of in one swing watch this move I’m gonna do like a 360 no-scope that didn’t work if you can’t jump in the air Huh at that Time weird day We’re gonna do the block arrows and then we’re going to get a clone after this So we don’t mess up like we did last time oh the death Cube I? [dislike] the desk you, but I do have arrow block. So that’s good little bit easier. [oh] Boy, that was a Big Miss Big, Mister Ruski Yeah, that wasn’t a miss that was that was a miss. [ha] that was not a miss and that is not a miss either I hit him, but he didn’t die that was perfect Let’s go block that arrow get right up there block tiara block the arrow right in your face. Let’s block there Oh right in your face, because you’ll kill me if I don’t know [why] [cap]? Did you see that move that’s what I call the the drop down hammer kill thing next up close Yeah, we are clone on the backside for us. Oh, I just smashed down, okay? We have looks like one archer, and I don’t know what to do here who knows those clothes let it take the archer out first Hit me hit me. Thank you, and now we’ll try our best with these guys oh [yes], are you ready? Why are they not dying? [oh] that was so close to me? Haha yeah, dead. Oh like picking off fish in a school Just go on the outside and just catch them all [oh] yeah, for [Pokémon’s] or something. [oh] cute pokey, min. I’m sorry Oh, yes, this is great. Oh the hammer is so much fun. [haha]. How about nice you see that mess. That was awesome now We’re going to get the secondary or I guess that’s hammer one already has a second hammer upgrade We do have our clone on the left side and there should be a spider [tron] in this one there He is a spider tron look at all these arrows So this is exactly why I got the defense thing right away as soon as I could [all] those gadgets got dominated I Should go get that spider shot as soon as I can – very good nice got them all dead Wow, there is not one regular guy here. Huh, not one Sortie dude nice Defense mode activate ha hello. Oh boy Thanks. I hit you or you hit you Nice, that’s awesome. All right hammer size level – then I think I’m gonna get another clone And we’re [gonna] get more of the arrow block well This was all right the same bad at all I can do this I would appreciate a little bit more get into himself [it] kill himself make it himself. Oh, I can’t stand still [okay] [we’re] just going to go smash this arrow guy. Maybe not let’s use the arrow guys to kill their friend Like that that’s exactly what we want, okay? Come after me come at me bro. Come at me bro. Shoot me. Shoot me. Well. No, I didn’t want to do that. Haha [I] wanted you to do that though, okay whoop. Oh, you missed all those messy Nice that was messy too, and that is also Messy, and [I] was miss [group]. Okay, and foul. No no no Just well died and boom that was great. Oh man this game is fun. When you combo like that [alright] Do we want block arrows kick? Um I really want the bow, but that’d be cheating [umm] Block arrows yeah [block] it. Let’s see what we get oh I’m kind of glad I picked block arrows, not gonna Lie kind of glad I did um Maybe at maybe I’m not so glad anymore. Oh, don’t like this. I don’t like this. I’m going up. I’m going up I’m going up. I’m going up don’t shoot me bro. Don’t shoot me bro. Wow that was so close to shooting me, okay? Here shoot yourself. Shoot yourself, please No, I’m gonna Die from it Dang. Oh That was good hit that just dodged over the waist let’s jump down and smash on the way down all in [trouble] I’m [in] trouble. I’m in trouble. I’m in trouble. I’m in trouble jump up jump up block the girl into him. [oh] I am I am all I [do] so good okay. We got to go we got to go kill a spider truck That was a [miss] [oh]
I got a guy right behind me I gotta get [right] behind me Got [a] guy right behind me got a guy right behind me I don’t like you. Oh No, no, no no flops locket I got him I got him okay the spider shot is still alive this guy’s gimping around like crazy. Oh Yeah, hit nice. Go kill the spider tron right in the face ha oh nice Doc. Pop [whoa]. What is it? What what just happened? How [did] I get hit? How did I get hit? How did I miss an [Arm]? I? Have no idea. How that [happened], so I’m going to use the cheat because there is no regenerate I’m going to use the cheat to go back to the main menu and We’re to go back into endless mode and now we’re healed up We’re ready to go and do we get another upgrade block arrows. Let’s get another clone. I use that cheat That’s not the only cheat I do in this game because There is no way to regenerate the guy I kind of wish after every level if you get to regenerate But that’s not the way it is. Oh my word. This is a really nasty level. I am not looking forward to this one. Oh That’s good kill. We got to go after this guy oh Perfect. He’s down, okay archers Archers archers I’m so scared. [oh] my got him all go away. He got both of my legs with [a] ricochet shot [oh], that’s good thing. I got an extra clone. Wow all right here. Shoot me. Shoot me really hard Yeah, shoot me really good Good job, shoot me. Shoot me more. Shoot at me more this time aha. [oh] I got a boat. Oh, I did it like a windmill attack, okay. Come on in and yeah, shoot me, shoot [oh] You’re kidding me. You’re kidding me. [oh] [no], wait Okay, we that’s horrible. That’s so bad I thought this was gonna be a good run and now I just got like all my lives right wiped out I Don’t even know how to do this. I guess we’ll just sit right here, and hopefully they’ll shoot themselves Don’t stop stop moving stop moving Stop moving There it is Death Cube 2.0 returns clone definitely definitely clone. Let’s get the cold yep cone time That’ll delay the inevitable [I] guess because it is decimal [I] mean endless [code] so let’s try see what we get oh, oh this was a good one This is the one. [I] really liked. Oh that was bad. [oh] what that was really bad? Oh boy I don’t have the kick either. Oh, I don’t have kick. I don’t have kick some are going down though, okay? Keep running a circle let’s get the flocking going on just lock a lock up lock it block it lock it Lock it lock it in Circles lock it in circles Well nope nope. Nope. Nope. Nope okay. I don’t like I don’t like where this is going right now Shoot me shoot me [aha]. You got 100 [we] got hit nice Okay Shoot me shoot me really hard. Thank you Nice you [didn’t] die though did not die You didn’t die that time either. How’d it? How’s this work? Okay? Come on in come on. Shoot me. Shoot me Thank you, and now you can smash in the face. It’s smashing the side. Thank you. Oh so scary next up block arrows extra clone uh Super block arrows alright enemies it is time other thing. This is a good one. This is it I did I did good getting the right upgrade Maybe not I’m so scared. Help me help me Jinxy thank you. Oh That guy just got messed up on the subway messed up again, [whoa] too many arrows [oh], I forgot about the arrows um. I don’t know how to do this the hammer is so much slower Okay, have to keep locking right into him. Thank you. You died you died you thumbs oh? Good good. Good. Good. Good. Good good. Okay. No. Oh, I got to be careful. Oh no, no oh Ho, no, I got down. I thought no it hit thank you. Oh, man. There’s so much jeez you know that the purple guy’s gun Okay, stand right here Hi-yah Dead right here. [oh] Sneaky Move Yeah, oh yeah. Yeah, we got this yeah. Hey, so that was level 10 my goal is 12 We’ll see we’ll see if I can get more than 12 because the Jetpack bots are really nasty so many Jetpack box says, huh? So do I want I guess another clone kick won’t do much against them alright Jetpack box Whoa these guys we got statues of themselves. Let’s do this come at me birla. Come at me come at me. Oh boy I’m so scared no one’s coming at me. Oh my word. Oh Oh dirty. That was awesome. Is there anyone behind me no? nice Night, okay. Do you still get your jet pack if you don’t lift out like oh? There’s so much you hear when they when you have a big sweeping hammer and another clone So what do we get next what you guys thinks next I’m hoping oh, this is going to be super [easy] Maybe there’s no trap we do have we do have arrows I don’t really like these arrows though a couple arrows that was excellent. That was good. That was really good Uh-Huh? Keep at me keep coming at me They’re so fast now so fast So fast [so] many fast okay, we got this shoot me. Shoot me. Shoot me a purple one Nice good. Hit nice. Keep getting hit keep getting hit oh I didn’t think I was gonna kill him come on. Come on. Hit me. No come on. Hit me hit me [ohh] hit the other [guy’s] that’s okay. Hit me, hit me [ah] missed again, [oh] I didn’t remember that was there that’s not good should I go for the other purple one? I think I want only stuck don’t know he’s not stuck I Wanted to block that into him. I’m I’m seriously considering. [oh], he’s jumping okay. [it’s] working nice Come on in hit me. [oh] that was so close Nice nice. Okay. We got the hammer. I can dodge I can dodge like a beast. [I] don’t want to dodge like a be So scared of them because if it brings out a sword if you get close which might be a good thing for closer Switch your sword buddy. [oh] I did it yes, so now that we have all of the clones upgraded Do we get kick I think I want kick so we can get get up if we need to? Yeah, we’ll do that, and oh spider turn up. There are [already] Got to get rid of those guys first. We’ll take out the archer next these down is going back up though They come up here grab the spider trunk nice Then I’m going to jump down and I’m going to grow these guys over here because I feel like there’s some baddies up here nice Work, and now I’m going to go down go clean up the archers thumb. [I] Don’t like them. Oh My everyone’s after me forgot about that. I thought I was just going here. [uh-huh] And you’re ready [get] [set] and smash it very good. Go smash these guys Might die [I] might die on this not going to lie. I might I might be dead might be dumb though – archers up top go get those next oh That wasn’t good. Oh, I’m too far away. Oh, I miss misses platform Nice, we’re going to try that again. I Was a total wisp oh, I hit another guy in the air nice now. Let’s [see] who we [have] left We have Spongebob and Patrick and you’re getting hot that was excellent you see that that was squeezing In the human is proud of getting this far, but I am terrified that I have to tie three more times [I] liked a little dialogue sometimes Sometimes it gets a little annoying and long, but I [liked] it so upgrade available uh today I did buy the kick [ok] [Got–let] of death and more than one spider Tron [I] Did get to get up so that will help me on? Getting up if I do get hit by multiple spider tron bombs, so let’s see Whoa, whoa, whoa [ok] we’re [Gonna] come across here? I’m just gonna cut right through the middle. Oh, that’s a gigantic spider. Tron is there more there’s more up above me, [too] Oh like. I just got killed right onto the saw blade. That’s nice No archers on the back. That’s quo. That’s cool. Ok let’s blast this guy And slice that guy very good keep oh my torch. I’m still alive ok I’m going to come across here. Let’s take out the archers [no], oh, I got hit I got hit motorcross. Oh I missed it Oh, I miss I hit the floor [oh], I’m so I’m in trouble. I’m in tummins. I’m a little scared They’re dead oh no, Bob Don’t hit me brother. Don’t know what knocked me down. Okay? I’m gonna hide straddle the side run down the other way A little bit creepy going on up there [a] little bit creepy. There’s no guys down [here] So we have a little bit of a an easy mode easy peasy lemon squeezy get smashed in the face nice. He’s gone [looks] like there’s just two left. I might go to kick one of these I Can knock them out? Okay, that [worked] – I kicked his dead corpse [II] [thing] [and] smash this guy’s legs, so I’m not done that yet Oh, that’s cool. Oh, I mean. Oh now. I’m dead. I’m dead. I’m dead. I’m dead dad. Where’s the sauce? Those clothes [yep] top top Okay, he’s down close enough now that I can come in and smash. Oh so many bombs. I just knocked himself up What half of his eyes are gone? [oh]? Oh? Oh, I’m fell down again. [oh] my leg came off I’m gonna have to cheat again if we can win this I might yeah, I likes God. How did that happen? Did the bomb take it out? I think it did I? Haven’t I’m in serious trouble right now. [oh] I did it. Yes. I did it okay. I did with Gd. I got my leg back doesn’t mean it’s impossible without it I don’t know what to get now energy capacity. I mean, there’s nothing else that I need I don’t want [the] [dad] Let’s get the [Jetpack] I think that [shipped] and I’ll help me get away [from] things right yes, it is shift with the hammer that could be fun [oh], and then we can get energy capacity. Oh, I’ve not seen this level. [I] don’t know maybe I have oh [mandals] [you’re] sideways. Oh, no. This is bad. This is superduper bed. This is super bed looks like it. Oh now dead I’m dead now. Oh wow well we got to level 15 titanium. Which is awesome, and we still have three levels left. Let’s just pretend We didn’t go cheap to begin with there wow really tough No arrows coming at me. Okay. Maybe everything else will die on the way over here. I’m so scared, okay I don’t know where [people] are [oh] [it’s] [late]. Oh stop. Oh, I made it across spider, John you’re Gonna Die spider tron I’m gonna Die spider. John you might kill me spider John you’re gonna die. Oh those good hit ah? Nope. [oh] my I feel like I feel like get out of your leg out of your leg [hope] that hurts. [oh] I miss That didn’t miss. I hope I didn’t miss that. It’s not going to miss either. My leg is Gonna get dope I’m good I’m good. I’ll get in the neighborhood more bombs more bombs, okay spider. Tron. I can’t jump right now. Just on the jumping How is this possible? Impossible by viewers like you get Dead Leg [oh] Hit it hit the thingy hissing. Oh, no, we’re gonna get blown up Hey, we got an archer down here all alone. That’ll be easier. Huh, I? Don’t like this purple do down there. [oh] man. His face is missing can I hit his face now. Oh ah? not quite Get out leg. I need a life or not hit from you know Hit me get me. Shoot me really hard. Thank you Okay, spider, [John] man. You’re dead ah Can it just blow up your leg get to my face? I can’t get him I’m getting blasted Get up You got to get up upgrade you would get up there We go get just get rid of your legs so all no no no no no [hey], good dance. [oh] my word This is intense the spider [shrug] still [lockdown] [look] [at] him this guy’s defying all logic in this game Get there. It is like [beat] up. I wish he would die. [I] don’t like him Okay That’s the only archer left Thank you, please get dead Now I don’t know what to do here Are there are there [Subway’s] [sector]? You’re not allowed up here fall down okay? He’s now a wriggling spider. Maybe she’ll kill himself No, you don’t Okay, so shoot [man], he’s watched all the missiles right on top of himself This is not good [for] me Okay, soon as those [go] off and jump it down [I] Can’t him I can’t hit him. I literally can’t hit him There he blow up. Oh no, no the purple guy came out of nowhere. Oh, no way now. I have to do this again [ah] I am scared of this man Okay, let’s go right now watch watch watch watch Jumpy Jumpy Jumpy Okay, purple dude Time for me and you to make a dance party. Where are you? You were right over here last I smelled There you are what oh? Let’s swing the other way. No let’s swing the other way. I said no, you ding-dong there finally [alright] I’m going to get oh I could use the Jetpack. I forgot about that uh [skip] What does that do 25% faster look at the energy upgrade so I can just click around a little bit faster? I do like being able to get back [to] the tower quicker. Oh this isn’t with the green guy I’m Gonna just jet over to this guy [oh] What just happened? Oh, I got dominated I was jet [pack] [ego], but he came up behind me [and] killed me What is that thing? Wow No, oh my word. I think that’s it Level 16 titanium well, we did pretty good. That’s my swell second high score [that’s] that’s pretty solid [I] guys I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode if you did Please do let me know give me some more ideas of something you might like to see in code drone in the Danger Zone And check it out on steam greenlight. Thanks for watching and keep your stick on the ice. We’ll get you next time you

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