Extreme Workout for Extreme Weight Loss (Motion sensor device)

Extreme Workout for Extreme Weight Loss (Motion sensor device)

Hi. I went through six months of extreme workout. #**upbeat techno music** [possibly acting]
It was an absolute hardcore workout. But considering my original body, I *had* to do something about it. #…# [possibly acting]
It took extreme effort and discipline, to go through these routines. But the six months are finally over, and I am very happy that I was able to finish it. #…# When I look at what I *was* before this period … … to what I have become *after*, #**music ends**(.)#
I feel absolutely disappointed. What the f*ck, man? What?! I told you I was an electrical engineer, not a personal trainer, you dumb-ass! But wait! There’s more! #**music restarts**
I have a solution that will make *you* work out for dear life(!) It’s called, ‘Work Out or F***ing Die’. It’s a simple device. It’s a belt that you tie around your belly, with a tiny device that senses your motion. As long as you move, you’re okay. But if you stop for *any reason*, it will zap you like a motherf***. You will move no matter what, or else you will … … [echoing] ‘FEEL THE PAIN!’>>**coughing and sighing** EWGH, SH**!! **BLEEP, BLEEP**!>’The device may often false trigger.’ The belt is *very hard* to open. It is made of very durable material, resistant to sharp objects … … and it CANNOT be cut.
>>S-Sh**! **footsteps** Awh–! (**glass dongs**) **BLEEP**!!>>So you will run untill the batteries die, or [echoing] ‘YOU DIE’. #**music finishes**(.)#
Just kidding, we have never had failed batteries. ‘Please don’t hurt anyone, including yourself!’ The device is very simple. It runs on two AA or AAA batteries, and has two electrodes on either side of the bottom, and turns on with a (**flick**) switch. Now if you don’t move, It se–zzz–OH SH**!! If you stop moving, it senses that and will shock you. Here’s the schematic of my design. You can read more about it on my website, electroboom.com. My motion sensor is very simple. It’s just a magnet on a spring, in front of the coil.**rattling** If you move, the magnet shakes in front of the coil and generates electricity. And that is used to turn off the high voltage generator. If you *stop* moving, after a set time constant, the high voltage generator will turn on and zap the hell out of the user. The high voltage generator circuit here is simply extracted from the … … all-time bestseller Bug F***er– Sorry, Bug Zapper. You know, these things can generate around 1000 volts, enough to provide a proper shock. The external meshes of the zapper have the same low voltage. But they have a high voltage with respect to the center mesh. I can short it with my screwdriver, for you to see the spark. **snap, snap** Sh**! **rumbling** Hmm hmm. I am actually kidding. It doesn’t zap me because the circuit doesn’t close through my body.
**zapping** Unless I do it with my finger. **snap, snap, drag** Sh**! ****! So all you need is the guts of the Bug F_– … Zapper you see here, and disable and enable it using the circuit I showed. This device can also work the other way around, meaning that it can zap when it’s moved. It could be useful when somebody’s moving something that you don’t want them to(!) Huh? Huh? Good, no? **gate shaking**
>>Open the door–! **gate rattling**
[exclaims throatily shaking violently] Ahhhh–>>’Always make sure there is a warning sign when there’s an electric fence.’ And at the end, just wrap it in some nice packaging. With this revolutionary device, with the (**flick**) flick of a switch, you’re ready to — FWAGHH SH**!!
**camera mount dragging, drops belt** But wait! There’s more! #**beatboxing**(.)#

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  2. Mehdi: "So you will run until all the batteries die or YOU DIE!"

    Me: Oh, so there's a compromise-

    Mehdi: "Just kidding, we've never had failed batteries…"

    Wait wha- Hol' up real quick fam.

  3. Okay let’s just ignore the fact that he is wearing the same pants in the before and after and the fact that his hair on his stomach has not been moved at all and that the pillows on the bed have not been moved at all so the only time he spent making the work out was probably like 30 min

  4. if you put this on a person, without telling them anything how long will it take them to realise it's shocking them when they stop moving?

  5. In one of my eletrical engineering merit badge classes (im in boy scouts) we took a part a bug zapper and made it a tazer, needless to say, it worked, my leg hasnt been the same since

  6. 1:41 : When you sleep in the classroom and you hit your head on the table really hard…

    Almost died of laughter in the moment ElectroBOOM hit himself on the table with his head…

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