Don’t buy the TRD exhaust & cold air intake unless you have a manual Tacoma

Don’t buy the TRD exhaust & cold air intake unless you have a manual Tacoma

hopefully this picks up we’re going to
go from a stop through a couple of gears maybe up to fourth I don’t know but pay
attention to the sound well good afternoon everybody and welcome back to
the channel and we’re out cruising around in the toyota tacoma this is a
2020 TRD off-road and i want to give a little love to the manual transmission
you know the other day i did a video on how it’s a bad idea to buy a manual
transmission but not because it’s so horrible it’s just not a good financial
decision but anyway that’s really not what this video is about the love for
the manual transmission in conjunction with the cold air intake in the TRD
exhaust you know I had the TRD exhaust on my 2018 Tacoma and that along with
the cold air intake which I had on there as well
and you really notice a big difference right maybe I put it on but I gotta say
it is different on this truck it’s different on this truck and I think it’s
because of the manual transmission now you would say well what makes the
difference right well it’s because of the way you run through the gears right
I mean at least for me when I run it through the gears you go through each
gear and you run it out a little further on the rpms right I mean you’re revving
it up a little bit higher and that’s where the cold air intake and the TRD
exhaust really start to shine you know when you start to get to the high end or
the upper end of the power band of that RPM level you really start to hear it
hopefully this picks up we’re gonna go from a stop through a couple of gears
maybe up to fourth I don’t know but pay attention to the sound that’s what we’re
trying to do here so have a listen even if the law even our lower speeds I
mean if you’re starting off in first gear and you’re running through heading
towards second and then heading towards third you really do get more of a sound
and exhaust note through the TRD exhaust now one other thing that I’ve noticed
with the cold air intake that I never noticed before with the automatic
version and for those of you that don’t know I had a 2009 18 hour TRD sport and
it was an automatic same engine everything else but it was an automatic
but when you’re running through the gears for some reason in the manual
transmission you get a little bit of a whine of a word if you will as you get
higher up in the RPMs it’s really kind of cool and it we’re gonna do that right
here I don’t know if you guys will be able to hear it because of all of the
other noises you know the road noise and the tires now you know all that good
stuff but we’re gonna run through right here and let’s see if you can hear it
all I’ll be quiet it was right there I don’t know if you
guys can hear that it’s it’s subtle it’s not you know anything that’s a you know
real loud or anything but you can definitely hear it in the background and
I think it’s just awesome I like that it’s almost reminiscent of a of a turbo
where I don’t know I mean obviously there’s no turbo in this truck but it is
and it isn’t just an awesome sound and I never experienced it but not that I’ve
had this truck that long but I didn’t experience it before before putting in
the cold air intake in the truck so it’s just the it’s just that the error I
think whirring through that cold air intake
now you might say well you know isn’t the cold air intake really just you know
a bigger airflow accelerator and then you know it does have a different
resonator on it I mean the airbox and the lid and you know the filter and that
stuff is nothing you know earth-shattering or anything but
definitely get a were a wine out of the motor now I’m going to do it right here you don’t pick it up in speed I’m sure
you didn’t hear anything there and neither did I so it you don’t really
pick it up at speed now if I was to go back down and we’ll do it again here in
a couple seconds because now I think I can get in an area where I don’t have a
bunch of traffic around me or anybody blocking me where I can speed up so I’m
gonna pause for a second till I can get turned around and then we’re gonna do it
one more time and listen closely see if you can hear it okay I’m not sure if you guys can pick
it up or not there’s I’m on a rougher roads and there’s a little bit of
broke noise I did hear it just faintly there for a second so maybe it was more
predominant in the other clip I don’t know but anyway I just kind of want to
get on here give a little bit of love to the manual transmission because I gotta
say it is a perfect match for the cold air intake in the TRD exhaust I’m really
impressed with it I was thoroughly underwhelmed and in the automatic
certainly didn’t hear any of that or get any of this extra feedback I guess that
you get with the manual transmission so kudos to the pairing between the manual
the TRD exhaust and the cold air intake I have finally found a reason to have a
cold air intake at a Toyota Tacoma and a TRD exhaust this way leave a comment
down below let me know if you guys have experienced this yourselves or maybe you
haven’t automatic and you have the TRD exhaust along with the cold air and
taken your experience was different I’d be curious to go thanks for watching if
you haven’t before check out my other channel another channel good

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  1. I can hear the exhaust but I can’t hear the intake. The exhaust seems to sound a little better though.

  2. Hear it better with ear plugs………..Did you see the menacing looking older Tundra on your tail…? Questions; What do you like least about the Tacoma and have you had many comments regarding the color when out and about ?

  3. I had a Tacoma as you my already know, 4.0 V6 .. was a great truck. But i needed/wanted a Tundra.. as i was searching dealerships, i test drove a PRO, and the dual exhaust sounded Awesome! I opted for the 1794 edition and put the dual exhaust on it. .. just Perfect!

  4. I couldn’t hear it on your video , but I know the sound your’re talking about. I’m probably wrong, but I always thought it was the synchronizes spinning up. They’re not engaged until the clutch goes in, so they’re loose in there.

  5. You need to wind that thing out to 6K rpm! It doesn’t really sound any different than my AT. I’ve got both exhaust & CAI

  6. What's up Rob …I have one on my 19 pro Tacoma automatic sounds good to me ,I just pull it over to s mode and let it talk.

  7. think you're running too many psi in your tires –
    truck should not be bucking like witnessed in this video –

  8. Your automatic had 3:90 gears in it, the manual has 4:30's in it, you should have a little more grunt, or feel like a little more power with the manual ?

  9. Sounds good to me Rob, You’re gears are spaced quite wide, don’t you think? But it is a truck transmission after all, not a type R!! No it sounds more like it looks now, you have to love that 👍!!

  10. Hey Rob, I asked you about the trd exhaust the other day so big thumbs up on the video. Like I said before I have the manual and I DO have the trd intake but no exhaust so I get a clear audio of the difference the intake makes in engine sound at those mid and upper rpms. Still looking at exhausts and can’t make up my mind. Nice video👍🏻

  11. Hello I watched your YouTube on time it nice Tacoma I have 2017 limited and I trade 2019 trd pro voodoo blue I love it voodoo blue nice looking truck… your truck so nice keep up love taco toyota

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